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Why Successful Entrepreneurs Should Use Theses Task Management Apps?

“Multitasking” is definitely a nicer way of saying “mess up million things at the same time.”

Luckily, there are some helpful task management apps come to the rescue — or at least aim to. Sure, they can’t complete your tasks for you, but they help you get everything under control in a organised manner. They pack everything you need to accomplish all in one coordinated place. From there, you can assess, track and tackle tasks, one by one.

For simpler one-off to-dos, Gerber leans on TeuxDeux, a bare-bones to-do app (with the funny Franglais tagline “What deux yeux have teux deux today?”). TeuxDeux was designed to be “as easy to use as a piece of paper,” allowing users to type tasks in wherever they want them, move them around to suit their schedule and check them off as completed in a single click. The app requires a paid TeuxDeux account after a 30-day free trial ($3 per month for the Skeptic plan and $24 per year for the Believer plan).

Gerber relies on Basecamp, a popular web-based project management app, for more complicated tasks involving multiple people. The key features include: to-do lists, messaging between project members, file sharing, and time and milestone tracking. Basecamp fees range between $20 and $150 per month (all with unlimited users), depending on how many gigabytes of space you require.

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