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The Story behind Quinoa You Never Knew

With it being one of the latest health food crazes, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of and tried Quinoa by now, but the South American Ayamara people, specifically the Peruvian Ayamara people have been growing and eating Quinoa for lifetimes now. They even have a traditional folk origins tale for how the grain was introduced to the area and people, and that’s the story that is illustrated in this video.

Before the animation, we find real live Ayamara people, young and old, gathered around to listen to  an elder tell the story about how quinoa, the all-important grain, came to be. In a time when Ayamaran folklore says that the people could talk to the stars, and those stars could transform into people and come down for secret visits to the earth, a group of sister stars were discovered by locals and when most flew away, as you can see in the video, another was left behind for some reason, a reason that may be easier to decipher if you speak Spanish and can follow along with the video which is also subtitled in Spanish.

The sister who was left behind befriended one Peruvian young man; even taking him up into the stars with her, and preparing quinoa for him to eat. The young man, who can be seen flying home on the back of a giant condor, is gifted quinoa by the star sister, and spreads the sustaining grain all over the land as he returns home, since then quinoa has been available for all.

Origin stories are fun, but the gift of quinoa isn’t exactly being gifted anymore, prepared at a restaurant or bought at a store, quinoa, like all other nutritious food must be purchased if you’re not planning on growing your own. Budget for a healthy diet by subscribing to Professor Savings for tips on how to save money, and feel good about spending what’s necessary to put good foods on the table.



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