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Stop Feeding Your Math Homework To Your Dog, Today’s A New Day

Stop Feeding Your Math Homework To Your Dog, Today’s A New Day


Math! Just mentioning the subject gives us a headache. We remember the good old days. The days when you still had enough fingers or toes to get your homework done. Everything was progressing fine and dandy, then someone had the bright idea to throw a little Algebra and Geometry into the mix. Thanks a lot whoever you are!


Because of them, many of us spent long nights crash studying. (Or inking the answers on the palm of our hands- just in case of an emergency.)


We lived in a time long before the smartphones, Google, and Siri. We actually had to think- and show our work. Today, things are done a bit differently.


This new generation has it easy. Teachers have discovered ways to make math problems less mind-numbing. Now, looking at a 2nd grader’s homework can make you question everything you’ve ever learned. These baby geniuses are so brilliant, soon they’ll be teaching their parents.


Some parents aren’t too happy about the big change. Stuck in their ways, they prefer math curriculums from back in the day. You know what they say about teaching an old dog new tricks. Well, Dr. Raj Shah explains why we don’t have to resist change so strongly. It can actually be a good thing.


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