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Some Stock investment tips for kids under 20

Even teenagers and children can invest in the stock market, as long as they have the money – and more importantly – the knowledge needed to do it.

Some Stock investment tips for kids under 20

Here are some stock investment tips for kids under 20 who are just getting to know and deal with stocks:

– Simplicity is the key: Not complicating investing in the stock market must always be a simple affair. Those folks who make quick trades in haste or try to make predications which nobody can make are more likely to face complex situations. Try and buy stocks which are reputed and known for their bullish strength. Make sure that all your investments have long term profits to ensure you enjoy a greater high of success.

– Be realistic in your approach: Don’t expect to be rich overnight. One can only see twice the invested amount in a year’s tie or so. The stock market is prone to risks and speculations of surpassing all your expectations are more unlikely. Returns require realistic expectations. There are no shortcuts to getting rich in the stock market. It takes time and patience and making the right decisions.

– Hold your horses for a long time: The thing about stock investing is that all your stocks require to show returns which will but only with time. Hasty decisions of selling won’t earn you much. Patience is the key and stay focussed on how your company is performing.

– Buy on lows and sell on the highs: This stock investment tip is probably the most important of all. When the market falls, pick up stocks at their lowest prices and when a stock reaches a peak make a move for selling it off. Greed and fear must never dictate your decisions.

– Keep an eye out for quality: Companies that are making good money should always be looked at closely. It is these firms which guarantee huge profits is you hold onto them for long. The value of such shares always improves with time.

These stock investment tips will see you through not only the initial days of your stock market ventures but for the rest of your investing days.

1) Stock markets are risky. It is imperative that your approach be realistic.

2) Buy stocks when the markets take a dip and sell when the market reaches highs.

3) Be patient if you want to see good returns on your investments.



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