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How to Start a Business Blog

Hi Welcome to professorsavings.com

  We bring you daily money saving videos

but today we bring you step by step guide to a profitable

  business blog so that you can attract new customers into your website and convert more sales

HI I’m your host Rayfil Wong

stay focused. readers what to know what they will be learning and the key

   question is to answer why?

just like how we explain in our intro. our goal is to help you convert more sales

remember. people on the web are browsing information. so get straight to the point,

you’re one second away from them hitting the back button


find your niche. what are you passionate about?  example. How to start a yoga business

stay laser focused.  this help people stay on the page

be original

next, discover your voice

be genuine. let me expand with an exercise.

type out what you’re thinking. don’t worry about grammar.

trust me on this

Be LIGHT hearted.  readers like this. be a great storyteller

be yourself as well. remember, reader will follow the voice.

now, let’s move on to some strategies

starting with branding.

should be easy to spell, easy to remember, and easy to understand

and don’t forget to match your blog and domain name.

So if you’re selling Pet food, makes sense to have


Pick a content management system

wordpress, squarespace, blogger

We use wordpress, which has about 60% of the market

choose system based on function. for instance, if you are selling online items,

   make sure you use one that has a shopping cart. so shopify.com makes sense

now it’s time to grow your presence

create a schedule + stick to it. build trust with readers by being consistent.

Engage your readers. we make it easy to comment on blog post using


make sure you speedily respond with comments. advice, imagine you’re in a

room with the reader

remember, a happy customer is your best marketing cheerleader

Many of us appeal to visuals.  So use canva.com to design great

photos.  Infographics are also fun + appealing way to educated your customers.

For instance, 5 Ways to Save Money on Dog Food

Finally, we have to Connect

make sure you dash over and great your Handle with all the social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Spread the word with network events, link to bloggers, comment on your favorite

     blogs or videos in  your segment, email your favorite writers covering your sector.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter.  Attending a blog conference is another great idea

and be sure to offer guest post on your site.

Last but not least, remember to PERFECT your ELEVATOR PITCH.

Who are you in 10 Seconds or less.

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