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The Sky Is the Limit in This Daredevil Parachuting Video

Seeing these daring parachute tricks over the Chamonix range is enough to make viewers second guess every time they’ve ever felt like they’ve done something bold or even slightly brave before. It’s a blend of daring, athleticism, and foresight to capture it all on film that separates these men from most others, and watching with the knowledge that things go wrong with parachutes fairly often is exhilarating for the viewer as well. To sky dive and parachute down to safety is one thing, but to flip upside down in midair, floating around like a plastic bag, is another.

While free falling, although the use of a parachute means it isn’t technically a free fall, after a traditional skydive can seem dangerous enough on its’ own, it has nothing on this fast paced and action filled sort of parachute experience, and to see it all up close this way is enough to make you feel like you’re right inside the action. Each nearby mountain that the Chamonix is known for, each tree that you could imagine would be no fun at all to fall onto, and even the water that the daredevil being filmed skids across all serve as potential dangers, but for the adventurous they’re all a part of what makes doing something like this worth it. It’s all a part of the thrill.

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