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Show Me What You Got New England !

These 2 New Englanders complied every commercial jingle you know from TV into a 4-minute video. An instant classic. This just made millions of people want to return to New England. And this is quite possibly the best song which has or ever will be made.

This video is ambitious, nostalgic, and hysterical. They really crammed so many jingles into four wildly entertaining minutes. It’s such a bargain really. And DON’T YOU JUST LOVE A BARGAIN?

Though they may not have the most beautiful voices that make you having one of those goosebumps, but you gotta be respect their passion and creativity in making this amazing video!

Visiting New England and seeing these things for yourself would be a magical experience for anyone, filmmaker or not, and subscribing to Professor Savings and following the tips on how to save money found there, could mean the difference between recognizing these only as images you’ve seen in photographs and videos, and creating real life associations and memories with them. Which would you rather do? Now be a good boy/girl and CLICK HERE to let Professorsavings changes your life!



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