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Sherlock Holmes (playing detective to solve the problem)

Sherlock Holmes (playing detective to solve the problem)

Rayfil Wong

After graduating form UC Berkeley, I started looking for jobs that I knew I would enjoy.  I knew that I would enjoy sales and marketing because I enjoy talking to people and communicating new ideas and selling products. 

When I worked for Anheuser-Busch, I noticed that this great marketing company continued to reinvent itself with new products that solved problems.  In order to be successful, companies must identify a problem and provide a solution. 

I was in charge of coordinating club promotions around bars, clubs, and restaurant promotions in San Francisco.  One problem I identified was that at clubs some people were tired from a long day of work. 

Anheuser Busch solved the problem by offering clubbers an orange flavored energy drink called 180.  At that time, Red Bull was the main leader in energy drink.  Also, the problem was that some people who went to clubs did not drink alcohol.  An energy drink offered an option to participate in the drinking world.  Recently, I went clubbing and saw a great new concept.  

“Business ABCs-Find a problem, ask questions, make a solution.”

I enjoy being in sales because I see myself as Sherlock Holmes trying to solve mysteries.  As a college recruiter, I recently saw a great invention around campuses.  When I went to high school, my shoulder would have pain from the heavy books I would carry in my back pack. 

I remember when I was young, I saw a doctor because my right shoulder dipped down significantly more than my left from the heavy backpack filled with books.  Nowadays, students have back packs that have wheels with a handle so that they can roll their books from place to place without hurting their shoulders and back.    

When I was a marketing rep for Anheuser-Busch, I would visit my clients mostly club managers and play detective.  I would ask, “how is business and if you can, what would you change?”

The more questions I asked, the more closer I was to giving my client a suggested solution that my company can provide.  Often times in sales, the company has trained their sales force very well in product knowledge yet not enough on the basic of asking great questions and being attentive.

Image to remember: Detective Sherlock Holmes

Point to remember: be observant, find a problem, ask questions and make a solution.



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