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Seth Rogan Movies Aren’t Funny

The lack of over the top physical comedy or lighting cues in modern American comedy isn’t funny to everyone, especially this video’s creator, Tony Zhou. Using clips from popular American comedies, many that could easily fall into the niche of alternative comedy and that, perhaps coincidentally, include the actor and comedian Seth Rogan, Zhou narrates and visually shows us several examples of what he calls lazy film making. He also uses many scenes from the work of director Edgar Wright to display what is funny, and what the people behind the scenes of the many popular comedies starring actors like Seth Rogan, Michael Cera, and Aubrey Plaza could be doing to get more laughs, but simply aren’t.

If you don’t know Edgar Wright by name, I didn’t, you may be familiar with some of the clips of his directorial work included in this video, including Shaun of the Dead, and The World’s End, both starring British comedy masters Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. One point where Zhou is unarguably right is when he points out the wasted potential of framing the missed announcement of apocalyptic tragedy in This Is the End, starring Seth Rogan and most of the actors you expect to see alongside him like James Franco, Danny McBride, and Craig Robertson, in any way that makes the audience laugh. Zombie apocalypse movie Shaun of the Dead uses a compilation of clips to announce the horror amongst us while Pegg flips through the channels and ironically still receives the message of the apocalypse in full, although it only registers to audiences as a complete message, flying over Pegg’s character Shaun’s head. In this way, Wright has given us an inside joke and without being over the top at all, gives us something else to laugh at that other film makers might overlook.

Zhou ends the film by saying that we shouldn’t be satisfied with paying $15 for a movie ticket for a comedy that is less inventive than a Vine video. However you feel about this, paying $15 for a movie ticket is just one of the ways seemingly inconsequential expenses can pile up on us. Learn to set a budget that includes doing the things you enjoy, like going to the movies, by subscribing to Professor Savings for tips on how to save money.




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