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These SEO Mistakes May Decrease Your Sales

Even if you’ve never taken an official business course, you’re probably familiar with the term search engine optimization (SEO). It’s all every business owner is concerned with. When your target searches on a popular engine, you want them to come across your business.

Even with the best efforts, some business owners just can’t seem to get it right. If your SEO ranking is suffering, check your url structures. Make them clean, simple, and straight forward. Don’t use too many special characters because people rarely search with them. They want what they’re looking for and you have to make it easy for them to find it.

If you still need help, you can always hire a professional SEO optimizer or site content creator to do the dirty work for you, but that costs money. CLICK HERE to subscribe to the Professor Savings channel on YouTube to learn how to structure a budget that is flexible enough to accommodate those little extras.



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