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See the Intricate Craftsmanship That Goes into Making a Traditional Japanese Kokeshi

You’re not sure, especially if you can’t read the Japanese alphabet, exactly what’s going to be done or made at the beginning of this video. Is it a door knob? Is this piece that was just so intricately cut and shaped being thrown out? How can he keep his hands so steady? These are all questions you might ask yourself while watching, but the answers don’t come until the video is finished and you see the final product, a traditional style, wooden Kokeshi; a type of Japanese doll.

The piano music playing in the background accompanies the video perfectly, as it scores the ability to practice and master a craft the way that the woodworker in the video is seen doing, hand painting, chiseling, and even sanding down the wood for the Kokeshi with a handful of straw. Seeing the small completed item makes you wonder about the craftsmanship put behind the smallest things, and the expertise required to make it just right.

These dolls originate from a place in Japan that is known for its’ hot springs resorts. They aren’t very expensive to purchase online, but a trip to Japan where they are made, and other things you may be required to drop yen on here and there can begin to get expensive quick, especially if you haven’t properly prepared. One way to properly prepare is subscribing to Professor Savings for tips on how to save money. Whether you’d like to make a visit to Japan to buy a Kokeshi where it’s made and enjoy the hot springs while you’re at it, or just want to have the spare cash around to buy such a random item without feeling bad about spending unnecessarily, something we don’t recommend you do too often, we have you covered!



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