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Secrets to success that John Sulley learn from Steve Jobs

The magic that John Sulley learnt is to “zoom in” and “zoom out”. John Sulley emphasis that perspective is always the most important thing when it comes to innovation, this was what he learnt when walking next to Steve Jobs in the Apple campus.

“Zoom out” when you approach any problems, try to “stretch the boundaries” when examine problems. This can stimulate innovation and creativity as your thoughts will not be limited into any bounders. Next come “zoom in”, this part is for implementing solution. Try to solve the problem in the most minimal and elegant way. John Sulley told us simplification was very important to Steve Jobs. These techniques had helped Apple in transforming desktop publishing into a new level.

Skills from successful people such as Steve Jobs are always precious assets because it can become a very good reference for us to follow. Go check the video out if you want to steal something from Steve jobs!

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