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The Secrets For The Company Normal To Success

You never know where you can find a god idea. This is the management style for CEO and founder of Normal, Niki Kaufman. And that’s why the headquarters of her company are open and transparent across departments. This is how she runs her team.

The transparent design of her office and companies are intentional. She encourages exchanging ideas between different departments. The customers can also see how their products are produced behind those glasses. Moreover, all her employees are working in the same place. She believes that ideas may come from any employees that she has.

It is always important to encourage innovative ideas for a company. Niki likes to spend some time to walk around the stores of her company. She observes customers’ reactions and look for opinions from them. That’s why her company continuously improving.

How to be innovative is always a major issue for many companies, as they worried new ideas may affect the current core business. However, it is necessary for business to improve. So let’s start figure out ways to improve innovation in your company!

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