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The Secrets of Your City Streets Revealed

Having thought before about how uniform all street and sidewalk paintings are, though admittedly not for that long, it’s cool to look at this short video and see it happening in action. In case there is any confusion, I’m talking about the sort of painting people are paid by the city to do. When you see typography in the street letting you know you’re in a bike lane, or in this case at a bus stop, you’re looking at the kind of painting being done in this video.


Surprisingly, a lot of the work is being done free hand, with only what looks to be a yard stick used to keep things in line. It would be easy to assume this kind of painting would be done through the use of a stencil of some sort, but there are no signs of stencils here. The two painters work together diligently to create the bus stop typography, and not a moment is lost to wondering if or worrying about the possibility of messing it up, and they don’t!


The work is done quickly and confidently, and having it captured on video like this is a whole new way to gain a new appreciation for the little and often inconsequential things in your life. If there wasn’t a freshly painted signal for the bus stop on that street, there probably would have been a sign up on the corner and life would have gone on, but that doesn’t make it any less vital. The words bus stop will now be seen from much farther away and it’s all due to the work of two efficient city employees who, let’s face it, wouldn’t  have crossed the minds of so many people if they hadn’t been caught doing their job on camera. The work may be impressive to watch, but you don’t become a Rockefeller by painting on the streets.


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