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Secret to Winning A Sale is Breaking Down Prices -Story of Candy Bar

Candy bar (raffle or beakdown in prices)

by Rayfil Wong

Every year at Holy Name, the Catholic school I attended from sixth to eight grade, I hated when the time comes to sell chocolate bars for fund raiser.  In middle school, I was a  shy five foot seven Chinese kid.  I did not like going up to strangers and asking them for money.  Looking back, I was a disgrace since my cowardness every year resulted in my parents and her mah jong friend buying most of the candy.  Ever since I graduated from UC Berkeley, I become a very refined and confident sales person.

A few years ago, a girl I coach from my basketball team asked me to buy a chocolate candy bar for $2 a piece.  I thought to myself, “why would I want to buy chocolate four times I can get a Snicker bar.”  Since I love the field of sales, I taught her some great pointers.  Stephanie simply said, “hey, you wanna buy a candy bar for two dollars.”  A slogan that confirmed a novice and untrained sales representative.  I taught her a few basic pointers that will make her selling a success.

If I were given a chance to sell a box of chocolate again, I would use all the following techniques.  Firstly, my potential customers need to have a reason to buy.  I would say,

“with just two dollars, you will get a candy bar and make me dream come true, sending me to Disneyland with my highschool friends for the week.”  With this sales line, I painted a clear picture that just two dollars, my potential customer will be able make a person’s dream come true and feel very charitable.

Often times, a potential customer may say, “two dollars is pretty expensive for a candy bar.”  Then I would say, “not only can just two dollars change my life so that I can go to Disneyland, I must let you know that you can pay the full two dollar or give me seven teen cents montly for tweleve months.  I strategically broke down the total amount of two dollars so that a potential customer can realize that for just seven teen cents a month for a year, I can change a person’s life.  As you have noticed, many major companies that sell products online or on commercials break down the town  price.

The last technique in selling the candy bar can give me both a profit and create a sense of excitement of my potential buyers.  For instance, a box of candy bar consist of thirty candy bars.  Instead of selling each bar for $2, advertise and say “ with just three dollars, you can win a box of candy bars filled with thirty bars worth over $60.”

Most potential customers will buy a raffle ticket since it is a great cause but more importantly, they want to take a risk realizing that just $3 can give then a chance to win thirty candy bars worth over $60.  I can imagine selling thirty tickets easily.  Lets do the math.  If I sell thirty ticket, I gain $90 dollars.  The entire box only cost $60.  I would gain $30 just by doing the raffle system.

 Imagine thirty customers surrounding me as I pull one lucky winner out of a jar.  In this instance, I know that selling chocolate is both profitable and fun creating suspense and excitement for my customers.

Image to remember: candy bar

Sales point to consider: let your potential audience know how their purchase will effect the sales person and them

You can break down price sensitive customers but breaking down the final purchase price into monthly installments. I can sell the candy bar’s using a raffle system gaining a profit for myself and creating suspense, fun, and excitement for the customers.



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