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The Secret to Keeping Young, Ambitious Talent? Let Them Go.

This is the thought of the head of global advertising giant Saatchi&Saatchi. How does he retain talents in his company? He doesn’t. He even delights to have his employees leaving the company to experience new adventures. But why does he do so?

The secret is that when he knows that he provides his employee with responsibility, joy, recognition and learning. They are going to come back with more talented skills. There are even employees that left company for nine times and come back for the tenth!

He looks for talents who have curiosity and passion. So his company can become a house of ideas instead a rigid form of hierarchy. It is a wonderful thing that his employees can go out and take a leadership role. “You can’t get eagles to fly in formation.” He says.

The key of success for the advertising giant is the company encourages employees to take up leadership roles and gives ideas. Without “nonsense” HR and administrative stuff, the head of the company believes that gives enough opportunities to his employees to develop.

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