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The Secret To Get Better Sleep

Having trouble getting asleep? Not feeling refreshed in the morning? Behavior science expert James Clear tells you how to improve your sleep intensity, quality and duration.

Tip 1. Shut down lights at night.

Reduce light at night to make yourself relaxed and prepared for your sleep.  Using electronic devices such as smartphones, televisions and computers generate light. This hugely disturbs our body’s biological clock and makes us unable to fall asleep.

If you have to use such devices, make sure you download the chrome extension Flux. It dims screens of your devices and alleviates their negative impacts on your  sleep.

Tip 2. Avoid Drinking Alcohol

While it is true that drinking alcohol makes you fall asleep easily, it also reduces your  sleep quality. You will find it difficult to fall asleep and will wake up feeling tired.

For more details, check out the above video.

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