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Science Fiction Has Become Reality

“…Science Fiction became reality…” These words flash across the screen and suddenly something clicks. We may think of flying as a hassle now, or at the least just another form of transportation, but when the pyramids were being built, pyramids we wouldn’t be able to visit in half the time that we know can because of flight, traveling anywhere that you couldn’t get to by land or sea was impossible. Living in The Age of Airplanes, explores just how intricate a part of our lives air travel now is, and all of the things that are now possible because of it.

In this trailer for Living in The Age of Airplanes, a National Geographic documentary narrated by Harrison Ford, viewers are asked to rethink aviation. Although flight has been possible since the Wright brothers, the now everyday activity was once a fantasy. Ancient civilizations that we continue to examine and attempt to learn from and about dreamed of being able to do what most of us have done at least once in our lives.

If this trailer is a good indication and I trust that it is, the documentary Living in The Age of Airplanes, will look into how much faster not only people but things are now able to be moved from place to place because of aviation. While it is cool to rethink something that is now a part of our everyday lives, there are some truths that probably won’t be discussed in the context of Living in The Age of Airplanes, namely the high price of flying from state to state, let alone country to country.

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