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Say No More To “Name-Remembering Disorder”

“Hi… what’s your name again?”

Entrepreneurs usually find remembering names can be challenging as they usually have to meet a bunch of new people at those networking events at times. Luckily, there are some tricks to help you to get better in remembering names.

One easy and effective way to prevent putting yourself in such an embarrassing predicament is to repeat, repeat, repeat. Say the person’s name as soon as you’ve met him or her and repeat the name a few times throughout your conversation. And try to “visualize” the name by linking it to your friends’ or celebrities’ names. That really works!

In case someone’s name is difficult to pronounce or you didn’t quite get it clearly the first time, don’t fell embarrassed to ask again. Watch the video above to learn more about those tips and get rid of “name-remembering disorder”!

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