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Save Your Last Breathe For Dallas

Everyone seems to think that Dallas only gets cool places like Fountain Place, Dallas County Courthouse, Dallas Hall… But guys, Dallas is like a beautiful but timid 18 year-old girl, once you get to know more about her, she will be happy to give you a tour and show you her glamorous and mysterious places!


If you’re familiar with downtown Dallas, you’re going to have a blast watching this video. This video of a drone flying through the city is going to give you a view like none other. As usual,  Charlie Kaye combines his filming magic with the cutting-edge movie editing technology, I sure you will suffer a chill while watching his video!


Just pretend like your eyes are attached to this drone flying through downtown Dallas and you’ll really feel like you’re flying.And I think 1:29 and onward is my favorite part!  It simply Makes Dallas seem extra epic!


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