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Save Cash: Empty Wallets cannot be used in the Long Run

Most people have very few needs, and plenty of wants. You have to know the difference between them in order to avoid empty wallets in the future.


Save Cash: Empty Wallets cannot be used in the Long Run

They do not understand the value of money much as they do not earn, maximum almost 95% students spend the money given by their parents which is obviously earned by loads of hard work. One needs to learn stock markets. Be it a school student or a college their maturity regarding money should be enough.

They should be organised and should keep the cash in a proper place, a safe place rather and of course should remember the safe place as well. Not only that they should keep the cash in different places so that if it is stolen from a place they can have an extra amount from other place. Some amount can be kept in a locker, some in the wallet, and some in different books, under the pillow or some other safe place.

Students should be cautious enough on when and where they are spending their money on. How much amount are they spending? One can’t learn stock markets in a day, one needs time. One needs to be aware of on what he is spending and whether that money is worth spending on it or not or it should be spend on some other thing which is of more importance. One should know their priority and importance when it comes to spending of money.

This group should definitely indulge in proper management of cash and a proper education is required when it comes to financial stuff. They should be given proper education on finance how to spend less and in an effective and useful manner. And of course one needs to be careful enough he can’t spend their money on movies and for shopping in a week and starve the next week. It would certainly look insane but students do face a crisis in the end of the month and spend lavishly in the beginning.


1. Be careful, learn stock markets, and learn the proper use of cash.

2. Do not spend here and there carelessly; be more organised and matured when it comes to spending money.

3. Enjoy life, have fun, hang out with friends but do not forget to keep in mind the financial stuff.



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