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This San Bernardino Time Lapse Will Take Your Breath Away

I can’t get over how exquisite this video of  San Bernardino is. The sweeping shots of the Bernardino mountains and the Mojave Desert are just things you cannot afford to miss in your life.

Every scene in this video takes my breath away. I absolutely adore the fiery sunset and the stunning sky views. This video was created with an one-year-long footage, thanks to the effort by Jason Bates. He captures  San Bernardino’s astonishing view from a panoramic view. The result will knock you off and it just look downright unreal at times. And the video editing is so awesome. The soundtrack makes the video so perfect that I cannot stop pressing the replay button.

There is so much to learn through cultural exploration. Unfortunately, everyone does not have traveling money just waiting at their disposal. Even if you do have the money, you’ll still need to find the time to pack up and getaway.

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