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The Robot Is Coming

Have you ever been so tired that you snuggled up in bed, only to realize you forgot to turn off the light? Ever had a session on the porcelain throne and discovered a bare toilet paper roll? You know what would have been awesome in those moments? Your own personal robot!

I’m not speaking hypothetically. I mean your very own mechanical best friend. How would you like it to be programmed? What would you do with it? If you don’t have the answers now, you better come up with something quickly.

Intel’s resident futurist, Brian David Johnson, is working on solutions to those questions right now. His job is literally to cater to the people of the future. Brian has his very own robot named Jimmy. He foresees a day that we all could own Jimmys of our own.

Don’t be afraid, technology is going to advance whether we’re ready or not. When the time comes, you may have a change of heart. If you do, you want to have enough money saved up to purchase your Jimmy. Click here to subscribe to Professor Savings on YouTube to take a better look at how you manage your finances.



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