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Road Trip! Next Stop, Norway

Have you ever been sitting at your desk crunching numbers and thought, I should just get in the car and go. With no real destination in sight, you would hit the interstate and never look back. That’s the life. Fun, fearless, and free from inhibitions.

Where would you be headed? Norway may meet a lot of lists of places to visit but taking a road trip there isn’t an option for most. Fortunately, you can save yourself the gas money. This video carries you on almost 10,000 miles of Norway’s landscape.

For five months, tens of thousands of pictures were taken and piled together to create this time lapse of all of Norway’s 19 counties.

Its jewel-toned sky lights up calm waters. This compilation of photos covers minute details down to the rustling of the finest blade of grass.

Sunset is like an eclipse against the mountains. Small streets are nearly sent into darkness. There isn’t much that can dim the fluorescent aqua water accumulating along the coast. And its valleys are greener than anything I’ve ever seen before.

But hey, that’s Norway. In all its wonder and glory. There’s a reason people spend thousands of dollars cruising to Norway’s shore. It’s gorgeous! And well worth the money spent. Click here to join the faithful subscribers to the Professor Savings channel on YouTube. You’ll learn valuable money management techniques that will take you across the Norwegian Sea and beyond.




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