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Ring In The Holidays Gangnam Style

Gangnam style hilariously infiltrated our lives seemingly overnight. It’s like a deliciously entertaining train wreck. As much as you want to look away, you can’t.

It appears Gangnam style has officially been bit by the holiday spirit. Watch this laugh out loud mash up of two classics laid out by the “Last Christmas” soundtrack.

Which group Wham or PSY makes your feel jollier deep down inside? We tried to take a poll and it is impossible to decide. Gangnam style offers an interesting blend of apparel and choreography. And “Last Christmas”, well- it’s Christmas, that’s just tough competition no matter how you look at it.

Rather than choose sides, we like to err on the side of neutrality. That way, we can enjoy the random dancing of an interestingly assembled flash mob- nun and all. Then, to top it all off, our hearts are warmed by the presence of true love wrapped up beside the fireplace of a snowed in cabin.

Without the pull of being a vintage movie, dare we say that Gangnam style may have pulled out for the lead. They really came out with their A game.

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