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A Revolutionary Google Concept for Sign Language Translation

Showing us a variety of gestures that we all might use in our everyday lives, this short video for the new Google Gestures arm band and application sets a tone for just how vital a part of communication gestures can be and are for all of us. The video then cuts to a deaf woman, or at least a woman we believe to be deaf using sign language. The woman explains through the use of sign language how important these gestures are for people who can’t choose to communicate verbally, and how because many people who can communicate verbally don’t understand sign language, there are conversations that will never happen, no matter how interesting or impactful they may be.

Missing out on the chance to communicate and gain new information is an issue anytime one person speaks a language the person they’d like to communicate with, or who would like to communicate with them doesn’t understand. The video points out that through the use of existing software like Google Translate, we are able to communicate ideas and even read information that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise. The concept of Google Gestures is then introduced.

An arm band that picks up on muscle movement does currently exist, although not necessarily for this purpose. Google Gestures may seem like a commercial you could envision seeing on your TV today, and a program that is highly possible for the people at Google, but currently Google Gestures is simply a concept; the “commercial” actually being a Future Lions winner at Cannes.

Still, we can dream. A device like this would be revolutionary and with enough dedicated minds behind it there is no doubt it could be a great success and open the world to all of us even more. Writing the next chapter of the age of information takes more than dedication. Prototypes, programming, programmers, and time don’t come free, and sometimes you’ve got to invest your own money into making the next big thing a possibility. Subscribing to Professor Savings is a smart step towards being able to do just that by using the many tips on how to save money that are available on the site.



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