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Recharging is the most secret to being productive

Batteries, the Necessity to Recharge


by Rayfil Wong

After my job as a marketing representative with Anheuser-Busch Budweiser, I worked as a hi-tech sales account manager in San Jose selling computer components.  I lived at home in San Francisco with my parents and commuted over two hours each day through heavy traffic.  Additionally, I worked for a Taiwanese company that treated employees not as a sweat shop but as submissive robots. 

My Taiwanese co-workers would emphasize me not to leave my desk even if I finished my work fearing that the boss would think I was being lazy.  I was depressed at that time and I believe Prozac, the anti-depressant drug, would not be enough to save my vitality.  I had a whopping zero days of vacation a year and they gave us a stipend so that we can purchase our own health insurance.  

Every morning, I would punch my number into a computer and it would clock in the time I arrived at work.  At lunch, I would have to clock out when I left the facilities as well.  Basically, I was a six foot tall assertive Asian professional being micro managed.  Yet, a few simple actions enriched my tormenting time at work.

Almost every hour, I would try to drink one 8 oz. of water and take a walk outside the confines once every two hours.  The water truly keep me hydrated.  More importantly, the fresh air I got from nature inhaling and exhaling deep breathes relieved my tension.  At one point, I was very stressed out from commuting. 

When I get home, I would go straight to my room and lie on the lazy boy recliner.  Around seven o’clock, my mommy with her sweet nurturing voice would say, “son, its time for dinner.”   Being tired and frustrated, I would yell “stupid, does it look like I want dinner.”  I was stressed out and frustrated from work and commuting.  I would finish dinner around 8:30pm and then relax and get ready for work and do the same routine again.  Thankfully, I left that job half a year later.  Ever since, I have added weapons that would help me relieve stress and recharge.  

Currently, I have a one foot tall water fall cascade that produces sounds of water ripples.  Once a month, I go to my personal facialist and having good skin truly increases confidence and freshness.

Every morning, I drink a glass of fresh juice comprising of two apples, a celery, and carrot.  I have also recorded a CD composing of rain forest and birds in the jungle music.  I play this sound during my drive to my clients and I smile when people cut me off because I am so relaxed.  

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Action point: don’t forget recharge your body mind and soul.  Drink about 1/3 of your weight in ounces of water.  To gain energy, stay away from noise and people.  Listen to tranquil music such as rain forest.  Get at least 7 hours of sleep and stay away from negative people.



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