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Are Those Real?!

In this video, an adoptive father shares things that have been said either to himself and his wife, or other adoptive parents that they know who have chosen to adopt, about adoption; it is shocking how easy it is to compare each of these things to inappropriate comments most people wouldn’t dare make about a boob job, something that isn’t nearly as serious of a decision. Before anyone gets up in arms, I’m not saying a boob job is a bad decision or even not a smart one, to each his own, but no cosmetic surgery will have the sort of life changing impact, for you and for another person, as welcoming someone into your home and family through adoption.


Not only does the video’s narrator give us a list of things you simply shouldn’t say to a person about their adopted children, he also provides alternatives for those who are generally curious and mean well, but just don’t know the right language to use, or understand how and why what they say may be taken in a less than appreciative way by the adoptive parent who they are speaking to. Offering solutions, as opposed to a long list of complaints, is a great way to communicate and open a dialogue about any issue that permeates our society, not just adoption.


Adopted or not, all children are real members of their families’ lives, and most parents would do anything to keep them safe and happy. If you’re preparing for, or are already the provider to a young one, no matter if the child is biological or adopted, you’ll want to make sure your own finances are in order, and you’ll want to teach them to be financially savvy as they grow older as well. Tips on how to save money that can be found on Professor Savings are a great way to begin with getting this accomplished, so CLICK HERE to subscribe for a brighter financial future tomorrow.




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