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This Quirky Brand Advertises will probably bring you profit

It’s kind of hard to come across the proper marketing platform to promote tongue cleaners that can be used on humans and/or dogs. That’s why Orabrush chose to create their own path for the niche market. A bit of trial and error proved that conventional methods wouldn’t work for the unconventional brand.

Now, Orabrush exclusively advertises their products on YouTube. It’s an FDA approved product but the traditional dental world wasn’t prepared to venture that far out on a limb.

Although YouTube is a free service, Orabrush has chosen to invest 100% of its advertising budget on the creation of quality YouTube videos. Their model is specific to the YouTube platform rather than a generic marketing technique.

When you’re creating an advertising budget of your own, don’t limit yourself to the “free” aspect that’s associated with most social media platforms. Free does not necessarily equate low quality. Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings YouTube channel to learn how to create a budget that’s cohesive with your brand’s advertising goals.



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