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QUICK + EASY Way to learn about different Social Media with EMOJI’s

Dear Professor Savings Readers,

Once upon a time, Professor Savings opened a cupcake restaurant.  He comes from the academic world and simply did not understand much about social media and how to use it to market his delicious cupcakes.

He learned quickly that each social media has it’s own dynamic, uses, and cater different to different demographics.

So he put together this video to share more about the basics in terms of the different social media.

The most important rule of social media is to remember to GIVE FIRST, TAKE SECOND.

At the end, social media provides brand impressions so that if a potential customer craves a cupcakes, you’re the FIRST TO MIND.

So provide value. In this case, provide recipes, coupons, and any USEFUL content and then naturally fans will reciprocate with likes, comment, and subscriptions.


So here is a brief recap.

Twitter is a great place to share your news and updates.  simple include # (hashtags) to connect with a sub community.

In this case, #dessert and #cupcake #food would makes sense.  The con about twitter is that it is one off. Meaning one you announce your post it will not stay on top of the feed.

Facebook is a great platform and every brand should create a fan page.  If you have not, please “like” our fanpage. Thanks.

Facebook is great because you can have an active community comment to your latest pictures and have interactive engagement.  For instance, I can post a picture of a pumpkin spice cupcake recipe for the fans to use and bake at home.

Especially for those who own a physical location, Foursquare is a great social media to let uses know their location.

Instagram is a visual social media tool that is great especially for posting food photos. Make sure you use #foodstragram.

Google + is great for building a niche community.

Youtube is great since it incorporates audio and visual.   The hard part is that videos take a great deal of work.

Linkedin is a social media site for people who want to network and perhaps share useful content that can help improve their skill sets.

Pinterest is another social media for visual lovers. This would be a great place to post recipes.

So thanks for reading.  If you have not, please subscribe to our Youtube channel so that you will not miss a debt killing and investing video.





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