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How To Put Your Start-up Under The Spot Light

These 3 Tips Can Help You Determine How To Handle Increased Traffic

No one launches a new business with the intentions of keeping it a secret. PR and other marketing strategies are set in place in hopes of attracting major press. Before hiring a PR firm or soliciting the help of online media sources, consider these 3 points.

1. What’s special about your business? – You need a unique story that proves why your company deserves the press you’re after. How are you different from the rest? Tell your story and make sure it’s interesting (and accurate).

2. Back it up- Your word isn’t going to be enough. Just because you’ve launched your own company doesn’t qualify you to reach a larger platform. You need to be able to support your story with quantitative facts, figures, and other results that the public can measure. This is how you’ll convince journalists and other promoters that you’re worth the extra effort.

3. Get your stuff in order- Double check your customer service strategy. Revisit your production ability. How strong is the server you’re currently using? If you’re beckoning for more attention, be sure that you’re ready to handle the rebound from it. You don’t want to attract a following so large that you can’t give them what they want.



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