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A pub that will blow your mind away

Doing charity while you are having food and beers in the pub is an idea that sounds crazy but realized by some of the guys in Portland. Oregon Public House was the World’s First Non-Profit Pub which is an inspiring and innovative. It attempts to support different kind of NPO’s that cover like social justice, community and environmental needs.

Its mission:
EAT in community,
DRINK to a new way of giving back, and
GIVE to those changing the world.

As such, they want the pub become a place where anyone can walk in and find an organization that is caring for a need that they feel passionate about. Their Charity List is often rotating and expands to as many as 10 at a time.

The customers can also hold a Charity of the Day event themselves. At this event, the Pub is yours.  Whatever profit is earned in the Pub on that day is donated directly to your charity.  The owners are here to support you.

With different partnerships and creative ideas, the Oregon Public House has changed the world a better place.

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