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Professor Savings Press Release

    Chinese American Entrepreneur Creates the Largest Millennial Money                   Skills YouTube Channel Professor Savings                                                

Is There Hope for Americans to Increase Financial Literacy?

San Francisco, January 23rd, 2017ProfessorSavings.com is YouTube’s largest money skills channel for millennials with over four hundred videos on savings, investing, and budgeting.  According to Fortune magazine, nearly two-thirds of American can’t pass a basic test of financial literacy.

Brand Watch states that six of out ten people prefer only video platforms to live TV and that the average mobile view session last more than 40 minutes. Additionally, Pew Research Center states that Millennials overtake Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation which defines 18-34 in 2015 to now amount to 75.4 million.

A glaring Tech Crunch reports sited that millennials have the greatest levels of student debt in the country’s history.

Founder and CEO Rayfil Wong said, “Professor Savings lesson’s are created for the user in mind with animated whiteboard lessons lasting for around three minutes understanding the short attention span and building all technology for all mobile platforms so users can view on the go.” 

Professor Savings hired a former financial aid advisor to create a curriculum that is divided into three sections: lifestyle, investment basics, and investment bootcamp.   Lifestyle lessons include “How to improve credit score.”  The investment bootcamp is a nine part video curriculum that take the user through the essentials in an organized nine part section.

Wong’s inspiration for helping young people about financial literary stems from his personal story. Wong’s father said one day while he was in elementary school. “We don’t have money. I need to leave USA and go back to China for work.” Wong hugged him and cried and because of this incident vowed to learn about savings and investing well.


About Professor Savings

Professor Savings started in the summer of 2013 with operations in Hong Kong and has been nominated as the “10 Best Finance Video Blogs from badcredit.org.”

Wong has an economics degree from University of California – Berkeley and has worked in the education field for UC Berkeley and DeVry University as well as for Fortune 500 brands such as Budweiser and Apple.

Press Contact

Name: Rayfil Wong

field for UC Berkeley and DeVry University as well as for Fortune 500 brands such as Budweiser and Apple.

Press Contact

Name: Rayfil Wong

Mobile: +1 (415) 298-7083

Email: support@professorsavings.com

Professor Savings Rayfil Wong on TVB Money Magazine: https://youtu.be/pxvVmIoleyc

Professor Savings Press Coverage: http://professorsavings.com/presspage/

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