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*  I can hop over for design feedback.”-Rayfil Wong

           The growing Co Workings Spaces in Hong Kong (Apple Daily)

*  “Edtech has changed since 60% of Internet consumption in the USA is mobile and in video format.”-Rayfil Wong

How Ed Tech Has Changed: Access and Efficacy (Public School Review)

* “It’s a mobile friendly website (100% mobile across all mobile devices), A boot camp broken down to simple blocks, & an easy way to learn finance basics!”– Shivani C.

Learn Finance on the Go (Trendingmom.com)

* “Professor Savings’ Youtube channel was inspired from a love of teaching people about finance and money-saving tips.” – Toby Bower

10 Best Finance Vloggers (Badcredit.org)

* “The one we use for the credit card class is found at Professor Savings here, because it not only mentions credit card use,but it also gives good general tips for to reinforce the spending habits we’ve talked about in class.” – Mia Wenjen

Credit Card Debt for Kids (Pragmaticmom.com)

* “Are you sick to death of reading articles about how expensive Hong Kong is? Well watch a video about it instead – problem solved!”

Coconuts Hong Kong (HongKong.coconuts.co)

* “Cool drone footage shows you the cost of living in HK and the US, including porsches and big macs.”

Spacious (Spacious.hk)



Finovate Spring