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The Power of ‘Delusional Optimism’ will increase your profit

Regardless of your educational history, you’ll need a few natural born skills to remain relevant in your field. Chefs who have achieved accreditation from Le Cordon Bleu London can land them a position at luxury restaurants around the globe. In order to master the industry, they’ll need more than culinary skills.

All industries are mastered by successful entrepreneurs. Those who have the drive to gleefully take risks and cultivate their business can make it to lead rankings no matter their education. Mario Batali calls it “delusional optimism”.

With restaurants opened around the world, bestselling cookbooks, and a slew of other products and services, it’s safe to assume that Mario knows his stuff.

He stresses that entrepreneurs don’t have to try to dominate multiple markets. Instead, be the best at your current focus. Even with the naysayers and critics, hard work pays off in the end. Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings YouTube channel to discover the best ways to create a financial plan that works for you right now.




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