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Please, don’t look down on kids.

Maya Penn, a 14 year old eco-friendly entrepreneur, philanthropist, designer, artist, animator, illustrator, and writer will surely wow you by her being the CEO of ‘Maya’s Idea’ from the age of only eight.

How did she start her journey? When she understood that it’s animator who makes the animation we see on TV, she told herself ‘ that’s the thing she want to do’. That’s the very defining moment in her life.

Most businesses are good for people have used their creativity and innovation to improve humans’ lives. But what makes a business better is the heart of willing to give back to the community and the environment. This brave little kid knows two things: all her products are sustainable and part of the profits that she make will be donated to the charity.

Successful businesses can also be sustainable businesses. It is the diverse world that makes Maya feels passionate to save it and that’s how her ideas come to life. From Maya, there’s something you could learn no matter who you are.

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