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Be One With The Glow- One With The Snow

If doing double 360 degree twists and turns while shredding down the side of a snowy mountain wasn’t cool enough, it has now reached new levels of amazing.

We have enough trouble attempting to stand up straight on the bunny slopes. If it wasn’t for the way we value our bones (whole and unbroken) we would be slightly envious of the two amazing athletes featured in this video.

Skiing in the darkness is all we need to say “wow that’s unbelievable”. Last I checked, humans weren’t nocturnal and 15 feet trees don’t glow in the dark. Well now, AFTERGLOW has that problem solved.

A full bodysuit is adorned with illuminated bulbs. Two talented skiers are lit up from head to toe as they blast through the powdery snow. Resting in the darkness, the white snow catches the tail end of their lit suits. Not only are they glowing, they light up the ground as they go!

Aerial footage shows the full magnitude of this brave expedition. Leaving a trail of fluorescent powder floating in the air behind them, these guys hurdle everything from trees to snowy boulders.

The broad side of a bright mountain shows nothing but mounds of commanding snow and, somewhere nestled at its peak, slowly drifting downward is a little green speck. As the camera zooms closer, the glow grows and you realize it’s an actual person doing the unthinkable.

When you’re confident in your abilities, you should always shoot for the stars. But its important to plan ahead for all outcomes. Should one of these guys get injured, they’ll need to have a reserve plan set aside to make sure they are still able to get by. Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings channel on YouTube. Join countless other money-mindful individual in learning how to master the dollar and make it work for you.



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