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Sushi Towel Roll
Sushi Towel Roll

OMG Sushi Towel Rolls

Sushi Towel Roll
Sushi Towel Roll

Dear Professor Saving fans,

Many of us love sushi but now companies are capitalizing on one of the fastest global food trends.  According to IBIS, it is a $2 billion dollar sushi restaurant industry in the US alone.

A few days ago we learned from Nerdist about rolled up kitchen towels that look like sushi rolls.


As sushi lovers reach growing global numbers, many fanatics want to incorporate their passion into their everyday living.

One early business that catered toward fans was The Original Sushi Pillow.  They are a crowd pleaser.  I have personally bought the tuna for an ex girlfriend.

As for the sushi towel rolls, the designs are just in the concept phase for OTOTO by designer Jenny Pokryvail.

She designed those adorable Nessie Ladle aka Loch Ness Monster hip serving tool.

On a business end, the sushi towel rolls which have been covered by many major blogs have been a hit.

This reception on the concept alone can validate a product for manufacturing.  After all, many businesses fail because they create things people don’t want.

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