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5 Secrets Behind Pixar

Have you ever watched Mr. Incredible, Toy Story and Monster Inc.? I always watch them when I feel frustrated or unhappy because the amazing animation by Pixar always get me pumped up. Being a great fan of Pixar productions, I always wonder about what’s going on in the Pixar building.

Thanks to Buzzfeed, I finally get a hold to all these insider information. The Secret Room, the truth about why Steve Jobs left Pixar, the details on the production of Pixar animations are  just mind-blowing facts. In fact, this video deserves 10000000 likes. After watching this video, I have officially decided on my life goal – to be an animator in Pixar.

There are so many resources we need in order to accomplish our dreams. Unfortunately, not everyone have the money waiting at their disposal. Even if you do have the money, you’ll still need to learn the skills to multiply your money and resources.

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