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OMG This Is Officially Niall Horan’s First Bad Hair Day!

One Direction band member Niall Horan is known for having perfect hair 24 hours a day. It’s inhuman to say the least. I’m sure he falls asleep with a team of stylists primping and priming his pristine golden locks. Well, it’s time his reign as hair champion comes to an end. But at least it’s for a good cause.


Niall Horan takes a garbage can full of freezing cold water straight to the dome. All in honor of the ever-popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s great to see a celebrity that’s willing to get down and dirty for the betterment of the greater good.


Trumpets sound and flags lower to half-staff as we all bow our heads to hold a moment of silence for Niall’s hair. Wasting all of that hair gel is tragic to say the least, but Niall’s participation may be a real treat for the ladies.


Dripping wet and freezing, his white muscle shirt gives you a nice little peek at Niall’s physique. Prancing around in the shower with his socks on isn’t quite the same as a One Direction concert, but it’s safe to say Niall’s pretty swift on his feet.


After recovering from the initial shock, he comes back to the camera to encourage all of his fans to do their part. If you want to be able to donate to a good cause, you’ll have to first learn how to make sound financial decisions on your own. Can’t give away money that you don’t have to spare. CLICK HERE to subscribe to Professor Savings YouTube channel and stay updated on awesome money saving videos.



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