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Not All Travel Is a Vacation

Equally a chance to explore the depths of magnificent Mexican jungle and capture unbelievably incredible footage of the locals and the wild, this video is visually stunning, and an inspiration to rethink what travel means to all of us who view it. There’s no resort or margaritas to be found here, and the closest waterslide is a long way off I’d imagine. However, the roaring rapids and sudden waterfalls faced by the seven brave souls in this video call out to be seen as the real Mexico.

The voice narrating the video mentions that he and his group of friends feeling lucky not to have caught any viruses while in the country after having mentioned not seeing any of the dangerous drug gangs he was warned about by his mother; the cartels who are often in the news for a variety of lethal crimes. The mention of drug gangs is sort of brushed off as a misconception held by older Americans of the country of Mexico, especially in the face of friendly locals the group encountered. However, the real luck was in being able to say all interaction with locals was friendly, not because Mexico is an inherently bad place, but because the threat of those cartels is very real, and it stretches outside of the borders of the country of Mexico itself, which is why most people who visit the vast and naturally beautiful country end up only seeing the all-inclusive resorts, leaving the vast jungles unfortunately unseen by many.

However you choose to see Mexico, it’s a vacation worth taking (resort style) as well as a travel destination worth all of the effort you’d put into it (explorer style). Making sure that you can afford the odds and ends of taking such a trip can be made exponentially easier by subscribing to Professor Savings for tips on how to save money today.



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