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It’s Not Kryptonite, But It Sure Knocked Superman Down To Size

Amy Adams and Henry Cavill take a break from a rigorous day of filming America’s favorite superhero to participate in a little charitable activity.

Still adorning his cape and muscled suit, Henry was doused by a bucket of ice cold water in honor of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Amy Adams calls out a few siblings before taking her dose. Drenched, she runs off camera but things weren’t over for Superman. Still shivering, the film crew has a special treat for dear Henry. A procession followed up with just a tad more water just to make sure he honored all of his obligations.

Superman’s suit may be able to withstand speeds faster than a speeding bullet but when he’s not shooting, it sure isn’t waterproof.

If you were called out in the ALS challenge, you definitely need to watch this video. It will make you feel better about whatever you went through. It’s also good to see Superman and his damsel in distress are not above giving back to the little people. We common citizens can really appreciate the lighthearted side of our favorite superheroes. It makes us fall in love even more when they swoop in to save the day.

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