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It’s Not Delivery, It’s DESTRUCTION!

We think our delivery service is bad here on Earth but we’ve never crossed paths with Johnny Express. Johnny is galactic delivery man who hates his job. Even though he doesn’t go postal (he’s far too lazy), something ALWAYS goes wrong.


Johnny would rather be sitting at home snuggled in bed. Who really blames him? Unfortunately for this microscopic alien species, Johnny’s all out of sick days. Scheduled to drop a package off on their planet, the sender forgot to include some special instructions. It would’ve helped if someone told Johnny that the entire population of this planet was too small to see with the naked eye.


He probably wouldn’t have landed his spaceship there, completely destroying an entire city. Thrust into a panic, each step taken by the unsuspecting Johnny, causes total mayhem in microscopic alien land. He destroys everything.


Little single-eyed purple people do everything they can think of to avoid destruction. Even with all of the chaos happening beneath his feet, Johnny doesn’t notice anything. To him, it appears as if this little planet is abandoned. He tosses his soda can (taking out a few more miniature buildings) and makes his way back to his ship.


What is he to do? Admit defeat or mark the job complete. With no one around to prove differently, he checks this off as a job well done and takes off. What was left of this microscopic alien race faces total annihilation in light of his rocket’s departure. In one little trip, Johnny successfully totaled an entire planet.


Everything was all good then, all of a sudden, all of their property was destroyed. I don’t think there’s an insurance policy that will cover rogue delivery men. Unexpected costs can really put a dent in your wallet. Now CLICK HERE to subscribe to Professor Savings on YouTube to gain instant access to a wealth of financial information. They’ll teach you how to save for emergencies.




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