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Being and Not Dating a Girl Who Travels

Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels, beautifully curates and edits various scenes from 32 different sources in order to create one short film that claims to have a purpose of listing reasons not to date a girl who travels, but in actuality lists all the reasons why anyone, girl or boy, woman or man, should see as much of the world as they can. Amazing landscapes, thrilling adventure, and skinned knees are like visual symbols of all the amazing things that wait outside of our doorsteps should we decide to embrace the part of us that longs for excitement, the open sky, and something new and different.


The sort of travel that is being done by the many different girls in this video is adventurous and far from what most would consider luxury travel, but it’s exotic and glamorized all the same. Modern bohemian tribes of women dance together under falling water, skateboard under parking garages, cliff dive, and dance under the night sky to a backdrop of fireworks. Until it is revealed in the final credits that the entire work is the result of great editing, it seems like collected footage of a months, or even yearlong vacation being taken by a single group of friends.


No matter if it’s the desert or the ocean, each moment of travel in this video seems absolutely perfect, even the parts where the women are doing nothing more than riding an old bus. Check out Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels, and be inspired to take the first step towards your next adventure by subscribing to Professor Savings. It feels great to go where your heart calls, and live following your desires, and one way to ensure that you can do this is to spend and save wisely and be sure that your finances aren’t the thing that’ll hold you back, we’ll show you how with expert tips on how to save money. Now CLICK HERE to subscribe to Professorsavings channel for more daily money saving videos.



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