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Why North Korea’s Flow Motion Is The Secret Ingredient To Becoming One Big Happy Family

Flow motion productions are growing in popularity. People love to see everyday normality like walking down the street and catching the train transformed into art in motion.

Not long ago, just mentioning North Korea would have a few people ducking for cover. The anti-social Democratic Republic is finally warming up to making friends. Two talented individuals put their minds together to give us a tour of the little known city of Pyongyang.

This short feature gives you a glimpse of what it’s like to take a trip on a Pyongyang subway system. The hand carved cathedral ceilings sure put the grit and grime used to decorate our train station to shame.

As would many other pieces of Korean architecture. They’ve finally adapted to the idea of mobile technology but Korean is country that’s hell-bent on preserving the authenticity of tradition.

Don’t let the media shape all of your opinions. Accept this invitation to go on a fearless expedition of an organic community full of “real people”. They are families no different from yours. The children like to spend the afternoon shredding at the skate park. Crossing guards want to make sure everyone safely gets where they are going. It’s a home not an oversized military base.

It’s been years since North Korea has voluntarily opened its doors to foreigners, what are you waiting for? You better take a look before they change their minds.

Now that Pyongyang has officially opened its arms, it’s about time that we offer them a warm welcome. Breaking old habits and opening up to change is a difficult thing. Click here to subscribe to Professor Savings on YouTube. They’ll open your eyes to the latest methods in financial planning. You may stand to make a few changes yourself. Take note from the Democratic Republic of Korea, sometimes change can be a good thing.





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