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Lower Cost By Learning A New Perspective From Entrepreneurs

We always think entrepreneurs are someone who makes anything big, but in this day and age with the advancement of technology our notions towards entrepreneur are going to be reshaped, which is we could no longer judge an entrepreneur on the physical size of his or her work.

Nanotechnology is the control of matter at molecular and sub-molecular levels to create products which have never existed before. “ Nanotechnology is the knowledge base and the ability to manage individual and by being able to manage you could literally design any products that you want.” said Alain Kaloyeros, a professor of nanoscience and CEO of New York’s SUNY Polytechnic nstitute.

Many scientists are becoming entrepreneurs themselves, translating their scientific knowledge into business and entrepreneurship, like what Alain does.

All nanotechnology inventions have one thing in common, which is to improve human being’s lives, by making things more durable and lighter.

Nanotechnology, remains an open field of innovation.

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