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A New Frontier in Crowd Simulation

Set against a background that looks like a gigantic graph, this video shows a crowd of people who, regardless of movement, remain in a perfect circle throughout. What looks like it could be a 150 ft. tall steel pole pivoting around a central location knocks down members of the crowd who are either running towards the pole or  are trying to jump on top of it in order to  avoid being forced down.

The crowd is actually a simulation, although you couldn’t tell if you were watching the video without any background information, and the crowds’ dynamics of movement and interaction with each other as well as with their obstacle is completely realistic and happens flawlessly in real time. It’s the sort of thing you have to be familiar with to fully appreciate what you’re seeing but for fans of rendering software and simulation software as well, it’s a pretty impressive accomplishment for the video’s creator and it also says a lot about how far technology has come.

This video was put together using Miarmy, a program made only for the purpose of simulating crowds of various sizes, and rendered through Arnold, a physics based rendering software and plugin. Big budget films like Titanic and World War Z have used similar crowd simulation software in the past and it’s exciting to think of all the new possibilities now available at the fingertips of everyday people looking to enter creative industries. Of course merely being on the market doesn’t truly make anything available to anyone. Cash is a sort of gatekeeper, and often not being able to afford crowd simulation software like this means never getting to use it, let alone master it. When you SUBSCRIBE to Professor Savings you can use our tips on how to save money to get closer to getting your hands on whatever it is you need to take your creative pursuits to the next level, even if rendering and crowd simulation software has nothing to do with it.




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