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Hey Professorsavings fans, what’ up?

Focus equls power.

We all know that we can  create almost anything we are willing to do , but that there’s something holding us off, isn’t only fear , is money! Money is our world, our control and  for most  people is their willingness and power to do things, to do something with it. Most of us believe that without money we can’t do nothing.

We might be right, now, but it is time to take control of our life because maybe someday, there will be nothing to value in the future, and there much more value beyond this material world.
Is not only us who are stopping our selves;is sometimes others, who are sometime willing to pass through you, just to break your will and your spirit, and/or is just because you are in his/her way to achieving something that they had always dream.

For some reason none of them get what they dream, maybe because the one that pass through you, may feel pity and get back, because of our humanity inside.

In the other hand ,there’s you, the one who let him self through, and it had stop you completely, because you just don’t see a way out.

There’s more I’ll to say but I’m just out of ideas…even though I know how to continue and how to stop.

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