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Why Natural Births?

Why have natural births with other existing options? This seems like a reasonable question considering how long it can take to give birth and the amount of pain that can and has been avoided for a very long time through the use of an epidural. Every word in this short video is written and spoken in Portuguese, but even if you don’t speak the language the intention is clear from the beginning. You are going to see one of the natural births occurring in this day and age, and you’re going to see every graphic detail.

The video is graphic in a sense that it isn’t highly censored, but is edited in a way that a person can say is fairly tasteful. There is nudity, but not sexualized nudity. There is breast feeding, a hot button issue in the United States, especially when it comes to when and where it is alright to do, and there is no sitcom standard delivery with the woman lying on her back and breathing deeply for a short period of time. Instead we see the efforts made to smoothly transition into the delivery, and the hopeful conversation between two future parents and one of the women who will help in this delivery and has had a hand in other natural births as well.

This video is filled with moments made for a photographer, and sudden pauses on some of these moments feel like evidence that a professional photographer was involved in the making of the video, as does the editing I mentioned before. This moment, which is usually so private, and very different for the many couples who choose not to have natural births but opt to be sedated and sometimes to have cesarean sections instead of the normal pelvic delivery, is as beautiful as it is anxiety causing. The parents are clearly filled with so much hope for the arrival of their new baby, but the mother is also clearly in so much pain; until she sees the baby that is.

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