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A Must-Watch Iconic Pepsi Ad

We always choose between Pepsi and Coca Cola when it comes to those fizzy sweet dark-brown drinks. Do you know one of the brands, Pepsi, is so successful? The success could actually be partly ascribed by the marketing methods employed by Pepsi.

As the vice-president of marketing at Pepsi in the 1970s, John Sculley managed to capture significant market share from Coca-Cola by an ad campaign in which the company employed people off the street to participate in a taste test between Coke and Pepsi with their eyes covered.

Sculley recommended marketing people to have a very clear customer in mind. He clearly knew the target customers for Pepsi back then was mothers and grandmothers, who were responsible for making the shopping for families. Thus he came up with an idea which is to film a grandmother picking a Pepsi in a grocery store. The commercial was a defining moment of Pepsi and somehow determined the success of Pepsi in the soda industry which came later as a result.

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